Early Registration $300

Evening Pass $30

Become a Tarab Retreat Patron: Donate

Persian Daf class in the Meadow at La Foret Tarab Retreat 2018

Can't join us this year? You can still help make it happen -- as in all Arts, registration only covers half of expenses: your name or business will be added to our Patron Page

The Fine Print

Evening Passes start at 8:00 P.M.

Evening Passes 

$30 (Plus 3% PayPal Fee) 

or Checks to Clarinoodle Productions LLC

or Cash to Meg York or Pete Jacobs.

Includes Dinner and Evening Activities

Code of Conduct/Photo Release

Tarab Retreat may discreetly photograph classes and performances:  

by registering you agree to have your image used for Tarab Retreat promotional material.  


(La Foret Rules) 

Please be respectful of others' 

personal space and belongings.
Lost and Found in Ponderosa Hall.

Please use 

Ponderosa Hall Dressing Rooms

to prepare for classes and shows 

 if possible to free up 

Cabin Bathrooms

for showers and toilet use only.  

Thank you!

Any person asked to leave due to disruptive behavior 

will not receive a refund.

Change of plans? 

Refunds minus $75 before August 1st. 

After September 1st Refunds only transferable to another camper or for Tarab Retreat 2020. 

No children under 12. No pets please.

True Cross Cultural Exchange

In this age of barriers, 

music and dance
build community bridges 

between the past and the future

by basking in the present.
Tarab is that magic moment of surrender to improvisation and immersion in music/dance/food/friends
We cannot demand Tarab occurs--

we can only hold space for ourselves and let it unfold...

Treat yourself to Tarab Retreat. 


Tarab Retreat Liability Form.docx .. (pdf)


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To Bring List (pdf)