Artists in Residence: Sina Goharjou & Zara Sadeghi


Persian Daf

Born and raised in Iran, husband and wife Sina Goharjou & Zara Sadeghi now live in Colorado. They have a passion to play and share Persian Daf --the ancient frame drum with zangeer, or rings -- and are delighted to teach classes and tell us more about Daf's cultural significance. They have studied with Front Range musician Kaivon Tolooee as well as traveled to Iran, the birthplace of this mesmerizing and spiritual instrument.  The Daf is traditionally a ladies' instrument, however all are welcome.   Classes will be hands on and we will have some Daf for sale and as loaners. 

You may also bring frame drums if you do not have a Daf yet.  

Hadaga Balkan Band

Hadgaba Balkan Band

 Get ready to move your body! Hadgaba brings the Balkan dance party to the Rocky Mountains. 

These musicians will also share Jewish Niggun and Percussion classes.  

Josh Klasco - Bouzouki
Eric Alterman - Percussion
Eitan Kantor - Violin/Vocals
Doron Levary - Bass 

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