Georgia Michelle


Georgia Michelle is a multi award winning performer, instructor, and choreographer currently living in Boulder, CO. She is classically trained in several genres of dance with a lifetime of dance education and experience allowing her to create an array of authentic and evolutionary styles of dance. Having played 3 instruments, Georgia has a solid comprehension of music, providing her with precision and clarity in her teaching and choreography skills. Her childhood years were filled with rehearsals, performances and competitions nationwide. She has won many awards and scholarships in dance and has accepted many invitations to study and perform worldwide with several dance companies and schools. 

2019 Offerings:

Muwashahat: Join us on a journey into Andalusian style dance!  Muwashahat is genre of music that originated during Muslims rule of Spain from 711-1492.  It is a romantic style that combines poetry in classical Arabic, Hebrew, and Spanish with music.  It provides a rolling rhythm that brings a graceful and free flowing style to the dancer.  In this workshop we cover movement with dance combinations, and we’ll also discuss costuming and musicality.  Wear yoga style pants and comfortable top.  Bring a hip scarf or we have some to purchase and/ or borrow.  Bare feet or dance shoes. 


Rhythms: How to Dance to Live Music- In this workshop we’ll listen to a variety of music, discover how to move to any rhythm and learn how to create dance combinations for any occasion including live music.  Wear yoga style pants and comfortable top.  Bring a hip scarf and finger cymbals, or we have some to purchase and/ or borrow.  Bare feet or dance shoes. 

Deborah Newberg


Deborah Newberg is the founder, director and lead choreographer of Saltanah Studios, a center for teaching Middle Eastern Dance in Santa Fe, NM, since 2005. She has been on the faculty of the Dance department of Santa Fe Community College since 2008. Her dance company, the Saltanah Dancers, has presented over 500 performances in New Mexico, at venues including the Santa Fe Plaza Bandstand, Lensic Theatre, Cleopatra's Cafe,Taos Inn, and the Scottish Rite Temple. Her apprentice and student troupes also perform regularly with the Saltanah Dancers.  

She has been on staff at Mendocino Music and Dance Camp for many years leading Yoga for Dancers.  We welcome Deborah to our Tarab Retreat Staff teaching Raqs Sharqui and leading Yoga for Dancers with Live Music each day. 

Jennifer Secrist Goran

Jennifer Secrist Goran

Jennifer began her tribal bellydance training in San Francisco in 1989 with world famous American Tribal Style® founder, instructor and performer Carolena Nericcio, director of FatChanceBellyDance®. She was immediately impressed by the presence and poise of the instructor and by the powerful, organic feel of the dance. To this day Jennifer remains a loyal student of Carolena’s and still enjoys studying with her when in the Bay Area.

In addition to the ATS® dance form, Jennifer spent several years training and performing classical belly dance styles. She draws on this experience to help guide belly dancers from other styles (classical Egyptian, American cabaret, Persian, Tunisian & Turkish) to quickly and easily distinguish the nuances and inflections that are so important to creating the distinct look of ATS®.

Jennifer is known for her long term experience with ATS® as well as her strong movement technique, focused arm work, isolations, creating dynamic movement dialect & performance sets. She is often praised as a passionate teacher who strives to help each student she works with reach their fullest potential.

Jennifer is the lead instructor and director of Tribe Nawaar and currently teaches 6 classes a week in Boulder, Colorado. She has also been the featured guest instructor for workshops in Florida, California, Washington & Arizona.

Travis Fontaine Jarrell

Travis Fontaine Jarrell's dance background includes extensive Western

classical and modern training, North Indian Kathak, American clogging,

Flamenco, and classical and folkloric Central Asian dance from Uzbekistan.   She

began her study of Middle Eastern dance in 1971,  and during her 45 + years of

teaching and performing, she was privileged to study briefly with such excellent

artists as Jamila Salimpour, Serena Wilson, Morocco, Bert Balladine, Dahlena, Ibrahim Farrah, and many others.  

Travis was introduced to Central Asian dance in 1989 by Laurel Victoria Gray,

and in 1992 was invited to Bukhara, Uzbekistan, to live and perform with Mohy-

Sitora Folklore Ensemble, and to study classical Uzbek dance in Tashkent with

the acclaimed Akilov family. In 1996 Travis and Laurel Gray collaborated to

produce Central Asian Dance Camp, a summer dance program for the study of

Uzbek and Persian dance.  

Travis' solo dance concerts, presented in the US and in Europe, have included

classical and folkloric Uzbek and Middle Eastern dance, as well as her own

original creative works.

Travis currently lives and teaches dance in Cookeville and Nashville, Tennessee.

2019 Offerings:

 Introduction to Armenian/Persian Style Performance Dance.

Lyrical and elegant, delicate and majestic, these “sister’ dance forms embody

the graciousness and poetic depth of the cultures from which they arise.

This class will introduce some basic positions, steps, and movements,

utilizing a classic Armenian choreography.

2.  Zils and Odd times!  Learn a simple patterning system for improvising

with your finger cymbals.  Deepen your understanding of 2s and 3s, and

how to play with them.  We will specifically explore odd time signatures,

7/8, 5/8, and 9/8.

3.  Basic Eastern Folk Line Dance.  We will learn to catch the drift of a few

favorite Balkan, Greek, and Turkish dances so we can party with the best of them!

Annya Ishtara


2019 Offering:  Rajasthani Kalbelia Dance

The Kalbelia people are the Gypsies of Rajasthan, India, known for snake charming. Their dance is upbeat and celebratory, with rhythmic stomps, hip work, spinning, and ever-changing hand movements. We will dance as individuals, as well as with partners and as a group. Please wear a long, full skirt.  My path to becoming a belly dancer began as a young girl, when I knew I wanted to be a belly dancer, despite having never seen one, or even having heard Middle Eastern music. When I began belly dance lessons in 1991, I was instantly hooked on the beautiful movements, vibrant music, exotic costuming, and the discovery of Middle Eastern cultures from which this dance comes. Belly dance is such a diverse, deep, and fascinating topic, that I haven’t stopped learning since!

My other dance studies began with Jazz and Ballet when I was a teenager and evolved to encompass Haitian, West African, and Cuban Orisha dances, Butoh, and Contact Improvisation, among others. I have also studied Rajasthani Gypsy dance of the Kalbelia people and Ghoomar Ladies dance in Rajasthan, India, and Turkish Roman (Gypsy) dance in Turkey.

I have a wide background in movement, energy training, and physical body studies. I have studied a variety of dance and movement forms for over 35 years, including yoga (in India and the US), and tai chi and qigong (in the US and China). I have a Qigong Instructor Certification and a Tai Chi Teacher certification from Qigong Academy. I am also a trained massage therapist, Level 2 Reiki practitioner, licensed minister, and have been trained as a licensed Art of Feminine Presence® teacher. I am certified in Level 1 of Sadie Marquant’s Raqs Flow Bellydance Training Program.

I teach belly dance, Qigong, and Tai Chi in Taos.

Julia Moon


Julia Moon began her bellydance career in 1990 after many years of theatrical training.  She performed with the award winning Ananka Dance Company at Renaissance Faires, for historical reenactment groups and stage shows performing traditional cabaret and folkloric styles.  After college, she traveled around several states working and dancing.  She was a member of Dancers Supporting Dancers in Albuquerque, NM, then joined a band and moved to the Denver area.  Julia spent a few years dancing at night clubs & restaurants in Colorado with the fondest memories of the former Mataam Fez in Boulder, CO.  She moved to Las Vegas, NV and was the feature dancer at Habib's Persian Cuisine for several years. 

   In 2006 she returned to Colorado with a strong desire to learn ATS (American Tribal Style).  She started her tribal training with Elizabeth Ashner, then joined Tribe Nawaar under the direction of Jennifer Secrist Goran and developed a deep appreciation for the sisterhood of tribal bellydance.  Just after 2012 she lovingly departed from the tribe to refresh some of her traditional cabaret roots, but has continued to study and enjoys fusing the styles. Julia Moon Embry is the owner of Unicorn Belly Dance Supplies which can be seen at local events and found online at  Julia teaches ongoing classes at the Buchanan Recreation Center in Evergreen, CO and leads her student troupe, Moonjulz Bellydance.  For more information visit and