Tarab Retreat
6-8 2019

Tarab: when music, dance, and audience are one...


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Classes and Events

~ Morning Yoga 

~ Turkish Ilahi. Jewish Niggun Singing Classes

~ History & Cultural Sessions

~ Incredible Vending

~ Catered Persian Food

~ Beautiful Colorado Autumn


In this age of barriers, music and dance build 

community bridges between the

past and the future by basking in the present:

Tarab is that magic moment of

surrender to improvisation and immersion

in music/movement. 

We cannot demand Tarab occurs --

we can only hold space for ourselves,

and let it unfold..

be present..

2018 flying Silk Slideshow: Diana Odem Photography


Tarab Retreat 2018 Slide Show: Diana Odem Photography

Soundtrack by Sholeh Mani, Meg York El Yesfi Samir and Hadgaba

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La Foret in the Black Forest of Colorado USA

6145 Shoup Rd, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80908, United States

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